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Imagine What's Possible

Welcome to the best years of your life. You’ve worked hard to build a successful career and family. You have a solid foundation and the world is at your fingertips — yet your health is suffering. 

​Exercise and healthy eating have become luxuries instead of necessities. The idea of losing weight and feeling confident in your skin seems like an impossible dream. 


You’ve been meaning to...​

Exercise more
Eat healthier
Get more sleep
Pursue an athletic goal
Take better care of your body
Meditate regularly
Explore a new hobby

...but something always gets in the way. Instead of prioritizing self-care you're caring for everyone — and everything — else.


Maybe you have a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, or you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or another illness.


If you’re suffering from perimenopause symptoms, life can feel like a constant battle just to stay afloat.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

What does optimal health look like for you?

Whatever health goals you aspire to, the time has come to take control of your health and wellness. It's time to set ambitious goals — and take consistent steps to achieve them.  

Our aim is to help busy midlife professionals take control of their health and wellness using proven coaching, motivation and behavior change tools backed by 20+ years of scientific research.

Platinum Performance Coaching helps you align your values, beliefs, thoughts and actions to create lasting habits and create the life of your dreams. Let's get started!


There are eight dimensions of wellness — emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual. Each of these plays an important role in your health and happiness.


We use science-backed tools to help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.   

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Our coaching techniques have been used to develop a mindset of success in amateur runners, elite sports clubs and the British military, among others.


Whether you’re a seasoned athlete chasing a PR, a novice aspiring to get active for the first time, or a weekend warrior recovering from an injury, we’ll help you build a bridge between your goals and the consistent behaviors that yield results.


Platinum Performance Coaching Client

"When I found out that I was sick it felt like my world had been turned upside down and I knew I needed support beyond what my doctors could offer. I was impressed with Eva’s ability to adapt her coaching to exactly what I needed during such a difficult time. Her compassion and knowledge not only helped me feel empowered as I navigated tests and treatment options, I also learned to cultivate a positive mindset and focus on what I could control: taking small steps every day toward recovery. With Eva’s help I was also able to process the overwhelming feelings of grief around my diagnosis. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without Eva’s calm, professional presence. Thank you!

- Bobby H.

Platinum Performance Coaching Client

"Eva is a skilled listener and offers unwavering support. She asks me questions I often don’t have the courage to ask myself, paves the way for me to see what I need to do next, and helps me set goals that bring me closer to where I want to be.

- Ruthann R.

Platinum Performance Coaching Client

"Eva is a very effective coach. She has a high level of emotional intelligence enhanced by being very bright, learned, and wise. She is a great listener with astute instincts about when to interrupt, when to pressure, when to question, and when to challenge. She combines this with good humor, strong intuition, and an original intellect. I can say a number of other positive things about her. For me the most important is that I am seeing results I am pleased with.

- Lionel B.

Platinum Performance Coaching Client

"Eva is always one of my go-tos when I need personal coaching, because I know my time with her is well invested. Her sessions are enlightening and transformative. She has coached me through some deep, dark episodes of grief, and I never felt judged, directed, or preached to. Eva is receptive, honest, and incredibly intuitive, and I leave each session with a comforting level of clarity and acceptance, as well as a light of hope. I feel blessed to call her my coach.

- Andy K.

Platinum Performance Coaching Client

"Eva possesses a sophisticated ability to accelerate decision making by challenging key assumptions, asking provocative questions and honing in on critical insights needed to move forward. In short, she helps A players unlock their highest potential while aligning professional and personal goals to their underlying values and priorities. Eva is adept at steering her coachees beyond the comfort zone to push through to achieve the next level of performance. She maintains a laser focus on achieving results. I highly recommend her."

- Anniedi E.

Platinum Performance Coaching Client

"Working with Eva is an absolute pleasure. From the beginning, she was invested in my success and worked closely with me to achieve my goals. She creates a positive and safe environment that allows for meaningful conversations, followed by an executable plan."

- Altair G.