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Tying Shoelaces



Your body needs movement to thrive. Moving your body not only builds strength, speed and stamina — it can also help you manage illness and improve your mental and emotional health.

Whether you’re chasing a PR, trying to make movement part of your life for the first time, recovering from an injury, or transitioning out of the competitive arena, we’ll help you build a bridge between your goals and the consistent behaviors that yield results.

Our coaching techniques have been used to develop a mindset of success in amateur runners, elite sports clubs, the British military and healthcare, among others. Below are some examples of challenges you may be experiencing. Most clients, however, don’t fit into a neat category. Let us design a customized coaching program that works for you.

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You’re ready to start a fitness program but it’s been a while since you moved your body — or maybe this is your first time embracing an organized exercise program. Whether you’re turning to movement to manage an illness or you simply recognize that sitting at a desk all day is not doing your body any favors, there are so many terrific opportunities to help you get — and stay — moving. 


Your coach will help you set goals, find enjoyable ways to incorporate movement into your day, and stay motivated to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle that lasts beyond the initial excitement of doing something new. We’ll be with you every step of the way to guide and encourage you as you develop healthy habits and grow beyond what you assumed were your limits.

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Whether you planned to have surgery or you experienced an injury that unexpectedly took you out of commission, your mental state can have an enormous impact on how quickly — or even whether — you make a full recovery. Using techniques borrowed from elite sport environments, your coach will create a personalized mental skills training program to support your recovery, including modules such as goal-setting, emotional regulation, visualization, positive self-talk and relaxation. 

Your coach will help you develop a positive, focused and motivated mindset that can more easily face adversity and overcome setbacks on the road to recovery. Your coach will also support you as you process the underlying grief and emotions that can arise from being separated from your sport or activity. 

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Whatever you’re hoping to achieve — athletic performance, weight management, injury recovery, or just peeling yourself off the couch — your mindset and motivation will likely determine whether you wildly succeed or simply fizzle out. Our approach to goal achievement is unique: We use Applied Imagery for Motivation (AIM) — a method that has been shown to be at least four times more effective than other interventions such as mindfulness, general imagery and motivational interviewing. Backed by over 20 years of empirical research, AIM has been used to develop resilience training programs for the military, in business, in sports performance, education, government and healthcare


Using imagery training and other sport psychology techniques, your coach will help you learn, adapt, and adjust your behavior to push beyond mental barriers and achieve what you previously believed to be impossible.

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When it comes to competing, everyone knows that physical preparation is essential. But on game or race day, the quality of your mental preparation is likely to determine whether you carry the day or simply show up. Working with a coach to master the “mental side of the game” can help you stay motivated towards your goals, block out distractions and remain alert but calm — even in high pressure situations. 


When you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, your coach will help you define your goals and then walk you through a customized mental training program — including things like visualization, goal-setting, emotional regulation, positive self-talk and relaxation — to help you perform at your best.

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Your goal is set — you want to run a race, learn a sport, lose weight or exercise consistently — and you’re ready to embrace the challenge that lies ahead. You may even have a gym membership or a coach who has mapped out a training program for you. But how will you stay on track when your motivation falters, your body tells you it can’t do what you’re asking, or the demands of your busy life threaten to derail your training and nutrition? 

Working with a coach can make the crucial difference between having goals and achieving them. Your coach will assess your readiness to pursue your plans, help you identify the “why” that motivates you when things get tough, and design a personalized coaching program to ensure you have the mental and emotional tools and support to be successful. 

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No matter how prepared you think you are, transitioning out of professional or recreational athletics can be tough to wrap your head around. The structure and routine of your training environment have vanished, you’re not spending time with coaches or teammates anymore, your sense of achievement isn’t being satisfied like it used to. It’s difficult to know what to do next, or how to begin figuring it out.

It’s normal to experience relief, anger, grief, fear, loneliness, excitement, self-doubt — and many other emotions — when you leave your sport. You may feel at a loss as to how to define yourself or what to reach for next. Your coach can help you process your experience, clarify your values and goals, and take decisive action to build a new life that’s purposeful and authentic.  

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It’s time to take the first step towards fulfilling your potential. Coaching is a powerful tool that can help you discover your strengths and create new possibilities.


Contact us today for a free consultation or to book a coaching session.

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